We are aware that a long-term success is possible only when the company operates in harmony with nature and the environment. Therefore, we continuously upgrade our manufacturing plants reducing emissions and improving their energy effectiveness. We also take actions towards the improvement of standards in the metals producing industry and we encourage our partners to do the same. Environmental protection is extremely important for us and has become an intrinsic aspect of our company strategy.

Responsible recycling

We are a mature and responsible company, we have all necessary permits allowing us to run our recycling activity. Our care of the natural environment was confirmed by Environment Management System Certification according to ISO 14001 in 2003. All our plants are equipped with installations reducing atmospheric emissions and emissions to surface waters. We follow the Best Available Techniques implemented by European Council Directive 96/61/EC concerning Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control.

Information obligations under the Atomic Law Act

In connection with the conduct of activities involving exposure referred to in Article 4 Paragraph 1 Item 10, pursuant to Article 32c Paragraph 2 of the Act of November 29, 2000 Atomic Law (Journal of Laws of 2001 No. 3 item 18 as amended), the President of the Board of Directors of Nicromet Sp. z o.o. sp.k. informs that on the basis of conducted dosimetric measurements it is stated that during the last 12 months the activity did not constitute a source of release of radioactive substances into the environment and did not have a negative impact on human health and environment.



czystsze powietrze

Cleaner air

In 2011, we reduced atmospheric emissions by installing
the Idex Chips Dryer system together with a gas fired afterburner.

efektywnosc energetyczna

Energy effectiveness

The audit carried out by the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE) in 2015 allowed us to find solutions improving energy effectiveness of our plants.

w trosce o mieszkancow

Out of concern for community

We care for the quality of life of people living in the vicinity of our sites by reducing noise and dust emission levels by building soundproof systems and state-of-the-art dust collector plants.

ekologiczna flota

Environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles

We reduce the levels of exhaust gases emitted by our fleet of vehicles. The vehicles meeting the Euro 2 and Euro 3 standards are being replaced with the vehicles that meet the more restrictive Euro 6 standard.