High quality of our products is one of the key strategic factors of our company. We are interested in building long-term relations with our business partners, therefore we want every delivery to meet the expectations and specifications indicated by our customers. For that reason, our quality inspection is complex and does not allow any mistake at any phase of this process.

Our aluminium – best of the best

Over 25 years of experience in the sector, meticulous in-process inspection, trained staff and modern laboratories contribute to our aluminium alloys being of the top quality. Nicromet products are an excellent input material for further processing and have been recognized by the biggest automotive players.

We follow with the times

The desire to maintain the high quality of our products makes follow up with the times and constantly modernize our facilities and improve the production process. We know that an objective, external evaluation of our business confirms our credibility as a business partner and guarantees the highest quality products. Proof of this is functioning, certified by the prestigious certification body, implemented in the 90s, the Quality Management System, which continuously successfully develop fulfilling the most stringent requirements - present by technical specification ISO / TS 16949, meeting the expectations of our customers the automotive industry

Inspection at every phase

The standards and norms implemented comprehend the whole manufacturing cycle. Upon passing through the factory gate, the scrap batch is checked in respect of radioactivity and chemical composition. The process of melting and refining is also carefully controlled, and a finished product undergoes final verification tests before being shipped to a customer. We have modern laboratories equipped with Baird, Spectro and Siemens devices in our plants. We use specialized equipment during tests: radiation portal monitors, Geiger counters, ARL spectrometers, laboratory furnaces, screens and dryers.