We use a wide range of scrap grades for casting alloy production. The quality of our aluminium is closely related to the type of raw materials used, therefore we pay great attention to purchasing. Detailed categorization of purchased scrap constitutes an integral part of a contract concluded with every supplier. Scraps are being sorted on three manual sorting lines. Another automatic sorting plant will be opened in Oświęcim by the end of 2016. All deliveries are carefully inspected, documented and archived.

Procurement team

Our purchasing team comprises competent buyers whose expertise enables them to assess the quality of purchased raw materials in accordance with ISO TS methodology. We cooperate with certified suppliers , every shipment undergoes detailed analysis in respect of radioactivity, chemical composition and impurities. We operate both in Poland and throughout the European Union.

We diversify the sources to make always sure that available raw materials are sufficient to meet our customer needs. We continuously search for new business partners and we are interested in starting cooperation with companies operating in the scrap sector.

We purchase the following materials:


Scrap aluminium:

  • Aluminium sheets ( taint tabor, clean old mixed, etc)
  • casting aluminium (engine blocks, housings, wheel rims)
  • primary scrap (profiles, electronic wire, clean lithosheets , Cu low aluminium sheets)
  • aluminium chips from machining processes
  • primary aluminium A7, A8, A85
  • melting drosses
  • insulated copper cable


Alloying agents:

  • silicon metal
  • nickel
  • copper
  • fluxing salts