As a day has 24 hours only, it is extremely important to use every minute effectively. We are aware that even a minute of delay in delivery causes huge loss for our customers. Therefore, we have been focusing on developing our own logistic centre from the beginning of our activity and we invest in transport and warehouse facilities. This provides us with flexibility and allows us to be meticulous in logistic operations, which is indispensable nowadays.

Safely and on time

The Nicromet Logistic Centre is staffed by professionals who ensure that deliveries to the customers are made in a safe and timely manner. Whichever destination in Europe we transport our products to, we always take care that they arrive there fast and safely. Thanks to years of experience we are aware that every professional needs proper tools to do his job well.

Own fleet of vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles comprises of semi-trailers with tarpaulin, trailers and walking floor trailers, platform trucks for transporting liquid metal in crucibles and vehicles with trailers for replaceable container transport. We have independent service facilities, filling station and car wash. All our vehicles are equipped with GPSs that communicate current situation on the road. High quality of transport services is guaranteed not only by modern vehicles but also by competent and experienced drivers. All drivers have required ADR, towing hook and lorry mounted crane operator certificates enabling them to completely handle delivery of liquid metal for the customers.

Liquid aluminium – a struggle against time

Time is vital when transporting molten aluminium – every hour means heat loss. Our sites are advantageously located in the central part of Europe. We have specialised vehicles adapted for liquid metal transport. Every trailer unit is equipped with 3 crucibles with the capacity of 5 tons of aluminium each. Specially designed refractory allows metal delivery at long distances. All crucibles have been assessed by TÜV and TDT (Polish Transport Technical Supervision Body) and approved for use on Polish roads. Temperature drop during transport is less than 10C per hour.